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Just some helpful advice, if you haven't started using iAd yet I wouldn't bother setting up iAd. Apple is stopping iAd services, and aren't allowing any more new ads into the network. So at this point if you haven't set up iAd you won't be able to integrate iAd into your app.


As far as I can tell your code is safe here, mutlithreading is not a much of a problem. Even with more app instances generate by your app server, each instance will end up testing amount > current_user.available_balance. If you are really paranoiac about it. you could wrap the all with a transacaction: ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do withdrawal = ...


You can do it with files. However, eventually as the program becomes complex you'll end up needing more structure (like shared data between multiple accounts), atomicity (no intermediate state visible), transactions (being able to roll back some actions), more throughput, backups, reporting, aggregation, multi-system distribution, check-pointing, migrations ...

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