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You can try Java Chronicles from http://openhft.net/products/chronicle-map/ Chronicle Map is a high performance, off-heap, key-value, in memory, persisted data store. It works like a standard java map


I haven't used BerkeleyDB module, but here is my attempt to be of help to you. First of all, BerkeleyDB is a DB written in C, by oracle, with current latest version being 6.x (as you mentioned). But I did not see, any mention about x64 version of the msi installer for the same. All it says is a .msi installer, so I assume, it is most likely x86(32 bit) ...


Late answer, but... First it looks like the wordId would be a more natural PK for the WordEntity. The LexiconEntity should also define a PrimaryKey. The WordEntity should define the SecondaryKey which refers to the LexiconEntity or "Specifies the entity to which this entity is related". public class WordEntity { @PrimaryKey private int wordId; ...


When opening a database for the first time, specify the DB_CREATE flag in addition to the others you've listed.

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