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UIBarButtonSystemItemPageCurl can only be used in toolbars, at the bottom of the screen. Else the button is simply not displayed, like in a navigation bar.


When restarting Xcode doesn't fix this sort of strange behavior, you can try removing the contents of the derived data folder. See deleting contents from Xcode Derived data folder.


Testfairy, a competitor of Testflight, have confirmed with a timely email that Apple's Testflight doesn't support iOS7, so this is a fact. Testfairy, conveniently, do support iOS7: As you have probably heard, Apple has announced that on February 26, the TestFlight website will be shut down and all iOS developers will be forced to migrate their apps ...


I would recommend using Helprace and as an alternative to UserVoice. For example, you can vote ideas up or down. There are also options to report bugs, ask general question or give praise. In addition, you can setup "private" forums if you wish to restrict access to specific communities to internal teams. Hope this helps.


Apple's review process applies to all beta builds sent through their TestFlight service on iTunes Connect. Your build has failed this review process. The AppStore process is identical. Your build will also fail there (if they even let you submit for review).


Your problem is that fitting a beta-binomial model is just not the same as fitting a Beta model with the values equal to the ratios. I'm going to illustrate here with the bbmle package, which will fit similar models to VGAM (but with which I'm more familiar). Preliminaries: library("VGAM") ## for dbetabinom.ab x <- ...


I have not seen estimation for beta-binomial in Python. If you just want to estimate the parameters, then you can use scipy.optimize to minimize the log-likelihood function which you can write yourself or copy code after a internet search. You can subclass rv_discrete in order to use the framework of scipy.stats.distributions, but discrete distributions ...


The new io module is being implemented right now in https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/21835 You can use old_io until then, but expect it to be removed soon. Once removed, moving to the new io will be a breaking change.


This means that the -infinity score will necessarily be lost at some point The -infinity will not be "lost" precisely because of the alternating min, max cutoff functions: if your algorithm detects a losing situation, it will deduce that the upper node is a losing move (by attributing it that -infinity value thanks to the min function), and so this ...

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