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On a somewhat related note, check out Samuel Vanga's article and pay attention to the "Create Objects" aspect. Running that package will create your tables in the DB, after which you can Generate the SSIS package that relies on those tables. I used his example to implement the following workflow: Read Excel Workbook spreadsheets for field names, ...


Here's what I've managed to dig up (thanks to a friend): https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/ea9c0360-d4f4-480e-b022-52b9d9189c51/visual-studio-2015-ssis-development-backward-compatibility-can-we-develop-2008-2012-2014?forum=sqlintegrationservices Looks like I'm stuck waiting to migrate to VS2015 until SSDT-BI is released for VS2015


Couldnt you have done a nonempty around the descendants on the cap rate measure?


For non-project based connections, when you run the package, it'd take a form like dtexec /file MyPackage.dtsx However, for project based connections, you need to include the project in the dtexec call. Otherwise, you'll end up with missing connection errors dtexec /package MyPackage.dtsx /project MyProject.ispac Note: the current documentation is ...

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