This tag means different things in different contexts; consider using less ambiguous tags instead or in addition. Please See the following tags for more specific labeling:

  • is a Design pattern to reduce coupling between components, by dynamically injecting into a software component dependencies that it needs to function. For injection using a framework bind or register an implementation (Instantiated Object or means of object creation) to a Injection Type (i.e. All requests for Interface Car must return BMW or All requests to get Named String X.Y.Z must lookup X.Y.Z in a config file).

  • Data binding is a general technique that binds two data/information sources together and maintains them in sync. This is usually done with two data/information sources with different types as in XML data binding. However, in UI data binding, data and information objects of the same type are bound together (e.g. Java objects to Java UI elements).

  • is a feature that simplifies controller actions by using the request data to create strongly typed objects.

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