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(Disclaimer: I'm a software engineer at Microsoft, I used to work on Expression Blend) In short, no. There is no built-in support for loading Photoshop files in the .NET Framework nor WPF (this is despite Blend's support for loading PSD documents into a project - it has its own code for this - and it doesn't support all of the features present in the PSD ...


To answer the question in code, instead of in blend, you would do something like this. var name = selectedItem.Name; var expander = new Expander {Header = name}; var converter = new System.Windows.Media.BrushConverter(); var brush = (System.Windows.Media.Brush)converter.ConvertFromString("#00ff1e"); expander.Background = brush; I'm sure there are easier ...


If you want the Button to be 75 units wide, then you should set Width on the Button itself to be 75. Do not force any particular width/height constraints in your ControlTemplate. You'll never be able to set Width/Height in your DataTemplate and have the ActualWidth/ActualHeight of your Button control match unless the Button has no chrome. If you want your ...


There's another approach to solve problem of non-scrolling ScrollViewer. Basically make the contents of your ScrollViewer into a UserControl. And then you will be editing your actual contents as you would edit your UserControl (separate file and full width). It is described in more details at this blog article http://electricbeach.org/?p=862

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