Boost.Iostreams is a C++ framework for defining streams, stream buffers and I/O filters.

Boost.Iostreams has three aims:

  • To make it easy to create standard C++ streams and stream buffers for accessing new Sources and Sinks.
  • To provide a framework for defining Filters and attaching them to standard streams and stream buffers.
  • To provide a collection of ready-to-use Filters, Sources and Sinks.

For example, Boost.Iostreams can be used to create streams to access TCP connections or as a framework for cryptography and data compression. The library includes components for accessing memory-mapped files, for file access using operating system file descriptors, for code conversion, for text filtering with regular expressions, for line-ending conversion and for compression and decompression in the zlib, gzip and bzip2 formats.

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