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yes, this is the cause, you need to rebuild boost based on your new compiler VS 2010.


This is a known bug in Boost 1.48 that appears to have been fixed in 1.49 according to their bug tracker. There is an ambiguity if Boost.Move, which emulates C++11 move semantics, is used with Boost.Thread, which comes with its own move semantics emulators. Considering that Boost 1.48 was released more than 2.5 years ago (in November 2011), you should ...


Yes, each call will be received by different (thread local) objects.


This line: map[ID::WIFI_REQ_CLIENT_OPEN] = std::make_pair(OpenStaMode_testThread,VMF_WIFI_NOTIFY_CLIENT_OPEN_MSG); stores into the map a copy of OpenStaMode_testThread, which, at this point, is empty. Then you call reset(new boost::thread(&WIFITestSuite::OpenStaMode_test,this)) on OpenStaMode_testThread, but that doesn't affect the copy already ...

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