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Simple embedded MCUs usually do not have any means to "snoop" the bus checking if anybody (even itself) invalidates cache contents with writes to cached memory addresses. If your MCU has separate data and instruction caches (which most modern MCUs have) and you copy code as data from flash to RAM, you need to flush the data cache (to ensure everything you ...


I find solution to my problem error is generated not due to path but due to address mentioned in configuration file i have replaced the address 0xf0000 by 0xe0000 and it works,because The size of the Bochs BIOS is 128kb, not 64kb –


The mistake was I was using IstRootDirSec Variable as DWORD but it was a word and i have to convert it to DWORD. xor eax,eax mov ax,word[IstRootDirSec] add eax,dword[BPB_HiddSec]


When the MBR bootsector loads and executes the partition bootsector, it loads DL with the drive number and DS:SI with a pointer the entry in the partition table for the selected partition. Your bootloader can read that entry to determine the location of it's partition.

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