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You could put an ng-change on the input and have it map to a function on your controller. This will fire after the user selects a date in the datepicker. It doesn't sound like you are trying to override the functionality of the datepicker select, so I think this should work.


If you only want one record in LeaveApps table but have mulptiple dates I would suggest you create a seperate Table for LeavAppDates that will link by EmpId. So then insert the employee data into leave apps, do comma seperation on the date list and and loop through the dates and insert the dates with that EmpId in the new LeavsAppDates. Otherwise I would ...


When AutoClose not working, you can force it by using this function: $('#StartDate').datepicker().on('changeDate', function(ev){ $('#StartDate').datepicker('hide'); }); $(function () { var startDate = new Date(); startDate.setDate(startDate.getDate() - 7); var endDate = new Date(); ...


I am currently working on a project with the same requirement. Don't know where I found it, but this fiddle on addresses almost the same issue in a slightly different way, but using the bootstrap-datepicker library you are currently using. The default value could be easily added. However, the CSS of the active week ...

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