Breeze is a .NET client library that helps manage data in a rich client application. You can query and save data as complex object graphs, and share these graphs across multiple screens of your .NET client. Breeze.sharp is a sister offering to the BreezeJs library for Javascript rich clients. The API's are very similar and any web service built for one can talk to the other.

Headline features

  • Business data objects mirror your server-side model. Breeze creates them dynamically. Their properties bind to UI controls so the UI updates when your data model changes. Each object knows when it has changed and what has changed.

  • Query using LINQ with filters, ordering, and paging. Breeze queries implement the OData standard so you can “expand” the result with related entities or “project” over the data to cherry pick columns and flatten object graphs.

  • Save one entity or a batch of entities as a single transaction. Batch a mix of entity types (customers, orders, line-items) and data operations (inserts, updates, deletes).

  • Cache data on the client to reduce trips to the server and refresh as needed. Query a cache like you query the server. Save the cache locally and run offline; synch changes when you’re reconnected.

  • Extend the model with custom methods, properties, and events.



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Getting started

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