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I think it's not good to rely on how <fileset> orders the files when copying. So maybe it's better if you can try to change this logic to use a TimestampSelector from the Ant-Contrib project to select the newest wsdl file and copy only this file, not all the files of all versions. It could be done like: <timestampselector ...


using sort <copy todir="${srcdist.layout.dir}/etc/wsdl/latest" flatten="true" overwrite="true"> <sort> <fileset dir="../../releases"> <include name="**/*.wsdl"/> </fileset> </sort> </copy>


From Path-like Structures in the Ant documentation: ...certain resource collection types such as fileset, dirset and files are undefined in terms of order. So, you cannot depend on a fileset maintaining any order. Instead, you can resort to using JavaScript to find the "latest" release directory: <!-- match directories starting with "v" under ...


If we stick to the Continuous deployment pipeline's Quality gates this is a picture that can make it a bit easier to understand, why we need such: And to be more specific about the build pipeline: As you can see moving from lower to Prod environment different kind of test levels and types are included depending from the needs. The manual phase means ...

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