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looks like there's a mess with the cache files. Try disabling the cache in your remote app. Do this in /app/Config/core.php Look for the following: //Configure::write('Cache.disable', true); and remove the // to make it works. Best,


Databases are created for handling those things, it's an integral part of what they do so they know how to do it most efficiently and there's no reason to reinvent the wheel - let alone managing the code and the tests for it. Furthermore, if you design your database well you're guaranteed its integrity no matter what. Even if you mess up at some point in ...


I think you've spotted that correctly, the problem seems to be that CakePHP expects the rule key value to be in [string or callable, ...args] format when it is in array, ie it doesn't test whether the value itself already is a callable. The documentation says that the non-nested variant should work, so you might want to report this as a bug.

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