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You can also use set() method $this->Model->read(null, $id); $this->Model->set(array( 'fieldname' => 'value', )); $this->Model->save();


Try to clear all models under cache directory. app/tmp/cache/models


PHP is a server side language. This means the PHP file will get processed on the HTTP server and then deliver the generated HTML page to the client. Javascript (JS) is interpreted on the the client (browser) and interfaces with the HTML and other remote resources. Due to this model, PHP and JS know nothing about each other. So to call JS directly from the ...


I would not define a virtual field in the model based on an aggregate function. I think what you need is a query that looks like: SELECT Content.destination_id, COUNT(Content.template_id) AS template_count FROM contents AS CONTENT GROUP BY Content.destination_id Try using this Cakephp code: $this->find('all' array( 'fields' => ...


No, try understanding the MVC pattern, the idea is that the model is not aware of the view and doesn't have to be. Also you can't call JS with php, which is a server side language and doesn't know anything about the client side scripts. What you want is to implement long polling. I recommend you to learn and read about the basic technologies involved before ...

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