This tag is used for questions related to the cartridge module for the django based mezzanine CMS.

Cartridge is open-source software written in Python and like mezzanine, it is licensed under a BSD license. It is used as a shopping cart solution and is closely related to mezzanine as it builds on mezzanine's model definitions. For example, mezzanine defines a Page model to represent webpages and cartridge uses subclasses of the Page model to represent products for sale. Thus, even though it can be referred to as a django app, cartridge is largely useless for non-mezzanine django projects.

Feature List

  • Hierarchical categories
  • Easily configurable product options (colours, sizes, etc.)
  • Hooks for tax/shipping calculations and payment gateways
  • Sale pricing
  • Promotional discount codes
  • PDF invoice generation (for packing slips)
  • Stock control
  • Product popularity
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Built-in test suite
  • Separation of presentation (no embedded markup)
  • Smart categories (by price range, colour, etc)
  • Registered or anonymous checkout
  • Configurable number of checkout steps
  • Denormalised data for accessiblilty and performance
  • Authenticated customer accounts with transaction history


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