Chameleon is an open-source XML/HTML template engine written in .

It’s designed to generate the document output of a web application, typically HTML markup or XML.

The language used is , originally a invention (see ), but available here as a standalone library that you can use in any script or application running Python 2.5 and up (including 3.x and pypy). It comes with a set of new features, too.

The template engine compiles templates into Python byte-code and is optimized for speed. For a complex template language, the performance is very good.


  • Fast β€” templates are compiled to byte-code.
  • Extensible β€” it's easy to extend a language or create your own!
  • Tested β€” automated tests guard against regressions.

Official website: http://chameleon.repoze.org/

Tag use

When asking questions about the template language, consider adding (TAL constructs) and / or (METAL macro constructs) as well.

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