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From requests 2.4.2 (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests), the "json" parameter is supported. No need to specify "Content-Type". So the shorter version: requests.post('http://httpbin.org/post', json={'test': 'cheers'})


You must have omitted some headers and some configuration. CherryPy sends Vary: Accept-Encoding only for gzipped responses. Normally it sends Last-Modified, Content-Type, Content-Length and some others. Also note that Cache-Control: max-age=0 means you do a refresh request asking server to validate the resource. In the answer I linked in the comment I ...


Here's relavant quote from XMLRPCController documentation: The XMLRPCDispatcher strips any /RPC2 prefix; if you aren’t using /RPC2 in your URL’s, you can safely skip turning on the XMLRPCDispatcher. The following works fine. Also pay attention to separating global and application configuration, as you've mixed them up. sever.py #!/usr/bin/env ...


As far as I see this issue has nothing to do with CherryPy. If you have looked at cherrypy.lib.static.serve_file you would see the following. try: st = os.stat(path) except OSError: if debug: cherrypy.log('os.stat(%r) failed' % path, 'TOOLS.STATIC') raise cherrypy.NotFound() # ... # Set Content-Length and use an iterable (file object) ...

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