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Bias disclaimer: I am the ChiliProject lead and a former Redmine core contributor. As far as code and features go: ChiliProject was forked in January so there are quite a few changes between it and Redmine. I'll try to quickly describe how we (ChiliProject) do our releases and what is included in them: The ChiliProject 1.x releases include: Redmine 1.1 ...


On the Heroku Cedar stack you can run heroku run bash --app appname and then vai the shell simply run rails --version which will return the version number.


Update 2014: Ciro Santilli points out in the comments and in "Custom post-receive file using GitLab" that there is now (GitLab not using gitolite anymore) a way to setup custom hooks (GitLab 7.5.0+, Nov. 2014). Pick a project that needs a custom git hook. On the GitLab server, navigate to the project's repository directory. For a manual install ...


The current ChiliProject stable releases (2.x) require the use of bundler. Thus the answer by Slotos is incorrect here. gen install doesn't work anymore, we NEED bundler. Also, we require Rails 2.3.12 now. You won't get any working results if you arbitrarily edit files. On certain platforms, you need to adapt the Gemfile (e.g. when using Ruby 1.8.6 or for ...


according to this post you probably need to add gem 'sqlite3-ruby', :require => 'sqlite3' to your Gemfile, and after that try to run bundle package and rake db:create and finally rake db:migrate


Don't mix up gem install commands with bundler package management. You will get unexpected results from doing so. If you really want to use bundler - add all the gems you want into a Gemfile. Otherwise just omit it. Quick search for "bundler chiliproject" lead me to chiliproject-gemfile. Apparently it have been merged into unstable already.


I solved this by using FireDaemon (which makes any program running as windows service).


I searched StackOverflow for the "redmine vs. chiliproject" question because I am having a lot of trouble with installing plugins of any kind on the newest chiliproject version. Usually, it looks like everything is working fine until you try to update the settings for the plugin (for example, install the Contact Form plugin and try to change something on ...


Make sure to execute the command in your ChiliProject main directory, e.g. /path/to/chiliproject. Any rake or bundle invocations have to be performed in that main directory, not in the individual plugin directories.


Have you tried to create a customized search, grouping by person, on the Issues tab?


What version of ChiliProject? Our recent 2.0.0 version already has a Gemfile and is configured for Rails 2.3.12 out of the box. ChiliProject 1.x and Redmine are on older versions of Rails (2.3.5 and 2.3.11) and don't use Bundler at all. Asking questions like this on the ChiliProject Forums will probably get you a better response in the future.


If you use an apache server to serve the static files and proxy requests to redmine, you could use mod_authz_host of apache and add some rules to the configuration of your site. For example: Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from More example and documentation on*

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