Cisco JTAPI conforms to Sun's JTAPI 1.2 specification. Cisco JTAPI is a set of Java packages, supplying a robust object-oriented CTI development environment for multiple platforms. Cisco Unified Communication Manager (Unified CM) exposes sophisticated call control of IP telephony devices and soft-clients via the Computer Telephony JTAPI interface. Cisco's JTAPI enables custom applications to monitor telephony-enabled devices and call events, as well as establish first- and third-party call control.

  • Provides 1st Party Call Control - Perfect fit for desktop softphones and server-based IVR applications
  • Provides 3rd Party Call Control - Perfect fit for server or desktop applications that perform screen pops for incoming calls and click-to-connect from Windows applications
  • Provides all the hooks necessary to integrate with standard or custom RTP libraries (for example: Java Media Framework), but does not provide a specific audio implementation
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