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Dim comObj As Object You are using late binding by using CreateObject(). The VB6 IDE has no idea what kind of object might be created at runtime and what its members look like. So it cannot display any IntelliSense info. Use early binding instead, the common choice in a VB6 program: Dim comObj As New Test Which requires adding a reference to the ...


As your ANN_FF_BP is a ref class and thus a CLR type it's better to pass .NET arrays to the C++/CLI method and do the hardwork there. This way you don't have to declare your C# code as unsafe what would be necessary here if you used pointers in C#. This should work: *.h: void Train(cli::array<double, 2>^ ps, cli::array<double>^ ts, int ...


If you wonder how the solution in unsafe C# looks: unsafe{ fixed(double* ptr1 = &P[0,0]) fixed(double* ptr2 = &T[0]) { neuralNetwork.Train(ptr1, ptr2, 3, 20, 0.01); } }


Make sure in your solution that you are using the References folder. Right-click it, choose "Add Reference" and then use the Solution tab to reference your class library project. Taking this approach, every time you update your class library the web project will automatically receive the update. It sounds like you might be adding the binary to the BIN ...

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