A cmdlet is a lightweight Windows [tag:PowerShell] script that performs a single function.

Although Windows PowerShell includes more than two hundred basic core cmdlets, administrators can also write their own cmdlets and share them.

Each cmdlet will have a help file that can be accessed by typing Get-Help CmdletName-Detailed.

The detailed view of the cmdlet help file includes a description of the cmdlet, the command syntax, descriptions of the parameters and an example that demonstrate use of the cmdlet.

Cmdlets perform an action and typically return a Microsoft .NET Framework object to the next command in the pipeline. To write a cmdlet, you must implement a cmdlet class that derives from one of two specialized cmdlet base classes. The derived class must:

  1. Declare an attribute that identifies the derived class as a cmdlet.
  2. Define public properties that are decorated with attributes that identify the public properties as cmdlet parameters.
  3. Override one or more of the input processing methods to process records.

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