Code folding is a feature of some text editors that allows one to ‘fold’ and ‘unfold’ large blocks of code. This can be helpful to see a quick overview of a source file:

A C source file with two collapsed (‘folded’) functions, <code>greet</code> and <code>main</code>. The body of the functions are not visible.

However, folds can be expanded to work on a particular part of a file:

The same file as above, but with the definition of <code>main</code> unfolded.

In some editors, folding is indicated by a disclosure triangle in the line number area:

I lied; there are no line numbers. However, in the pane where the line numbers *would* be, there are three triangles: two to collapse the unfolded <code>greet</code> function, and another, in orange, to expand/unfold the folded <code>main</code> function.


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