Codea is a coding app for iPad based on the Lua programming language. It is similar to Processing in API design and is geared towards creating graphics and simulations.


Codea is a coding environment for iPad created by Two Lives Left. It is designed for programming games and simulations, and is inspired by the Processing API. The application is designed to provide users with immediate feedback on their projects by encouraging them to quickly view their creations. Codea exposes multitouch, accelerometer, sound, 2D and 3D rendering, and more.

Codea's editor is designed for touch-based programming. Certain function arguments, such as colors, images and fonts, can be touched and selected directly within the editor. Sounds can be built directly in the code editor as well, by tapping on the sound function to bring up the sound designer.


Codea is primarily designed for rapid prototyping of visual ideas. It includes a special parameter function that creates sliders in the user's program for adjusting global variables. This is to encourage experimentation with parameters.

One can also use Codea to build native iOS applications. Codea projects can be compiled as stand-alone applications using Xcode and the Codea Runtime Library. (The Codea Runtime Library is an open source project released by Two Lives Left.)

The first native application produced with Codea was Cargo-Bot.

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