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You need to pass the username to your view via the controller. You can't access controller functions in your view. So in the controller that loads the view, do something like this: $data['username'] = $this->getUserName(); $this->load->view('view_name',$data); Then in your view you can simply echo the username: <a href="#"><?php echo ...


Try changing the session cookie name in the application/config/config.php like $config['sess_cookie_name'] = 'bf_session'; to $config['sess_cookie_name'] = 'ra_session'; Different session cookie for both of the installation.


The problem is you have two class with same name Auth one for controller and one for model.One script cannot contain two class that's why you got that error. Rename your auth model like this Auth_model.php and declare class like this class Auth_model extends CI_Model Hope you can do rest how to use this model.


On codeigniter 3 Check all your controller and model make sure the filename and class name have there first letter as uppercase example Welcome.php and class Welcome Also if you have not configured your index.php to be removed on either codeigniter 2 or 3 versions then you will need to add in url each time you use a link. Live Server URL Example ...

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