CodeIgniter is an web development framework created by EllisLab Inc and it is now a project of British Columbia Institute of Technology. The framework implements a modified version of the Model-View-Controller design pattern. It is praised for its performance and the quality of its documentation. It's currently licensed under the MIT License, although previous version were released under the Open Software License ("OSL") v. 3.0.

CodeIgniter is an open source rapid development web application framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP. "Its goal is to enable [developers] to develop projects much faster than writing code from scratch, by providing a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks, as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries." The first public version of CodeIgniter was released on February 28, 2006, and the latest stable version 3.0.0 was released March 30th, 2015.

CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular Model-View-Controller development pattern. While view and controller classes are a necessary part of development under CodeIgniter, models are optional.

These are generally regarded as pros of the framework:

  • Small footprint
  • Performance
  • Easy to learn
  • Great documentation

These are generally regarded as cons of the framework:

  • No built in ORM
  • Validation in the controller, instead of model
  • CodeIgniter 2.x doesn't support PHP4
  • No built-in AJAX support is considered as a big disadvantage compared to other modern PHP frameworks available today.

The current version (3.0.0) was released on March 30th, 2015.

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