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The K-Means clustering algorithm works well for this problem. It does a great job of extracting centroids of image color clusters, but be aware that its non-deterministic behavior makes determining the actual prominence of each cluster difficult.


I can't reproduce your plots because you've not given us the data, but setting limits in a scale_colour_gradient should work. See: http://docs.ggplot2.org/ under "Tweak scale limits" (second example) where Hadley says: Setting the limits manually is also useful when producing multiple plots that need to be comparable For ...


I didnt get your problem exctly, but try adding this to all your plots. Then the colour code should be uniform. +scale_colour_brewer(pallette="Set1") You can add any of the pallette's shown here with examples http://www.cookbook-r.com/Graphs/Colors_(ggplot2)/#color-charts

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