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Read your compiler manual /[no]include Syntax: /include[:path...], /noinclude, or /Ipath The /include or /I option specifies one or more additional directories (path) to be searched for module files (USE statement) and include files (INCLUDE statement).


From memory, the documentation for CVF made it clear where syntax that was accepted by the compiler was an extension to the standard. If you program uses such an extension then there's a reasonable chance that a different compiler will reject them. The TYPE statement is such an extension - it is not in Fortran 77.


You are shooting the messenger. The Compaq generated code also calls _chkstk(), the difference is that it inlined it. A common optimization. The key difference between the two snippets is: mov eax, 0D3668h vs sub esp, 233E4h The values you see used here are the amount of stack space required by the function. The Intel code requires 0xd3668 bytes ...


If you look for a compiler compatible with CVF use Intel Fortran. It is its direct descendant. This site can help you http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/migrating-from-compaq-visual-fortran But I would strongly recommend to get rid of the nonstandard extensions.

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