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You can use grammer for subqueries, See below example for reference : $users = DB::table('users') ->where('user.id', '=', $userID) ->join('product', 'product.userid', '=', 'user.id'); $price = $users->select(array(DB::raw('SUM(price)'))) ->grammar ->select($users); // Compiles the ...


You can register an event listener in your routes file(in development phase), which will listen for the laravel query event and var_dump the executed query. Event::listen('illuminate.query', function($sql) { var_dump($sql); }); But this will turn out to be messy. So better use something like Clockwork. It is awesome, you can view all the executed ...


The easiest way is probably mostly finding out what query was just executed, rather than what the query will be. Something like this: function latestQuery() { $queries = DB::getQueryLog(); return end($queries); } Hopefully that's the same for your purposes.

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