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Left Factoring is a grammar transformation technique. It consists in "factoring out" prefixes which are common to two or more productions. For example, going from: A -> α β | α γ to: A -> α A' A' -> β | γ Left Recursion is a property a grammar has whenever you can derive from a given variable (non terminal) a rhs that begins with the same ...


Well, I tried implementing simple exception-handling in C 2 years ago. Let me show it to you. https://github.com/dlarudgus20/CTryCatch (In fact, I made the github repository to practice as soon as I saw you question - it's my first repository >o< Thank you to give me the opportunity to use github!)


The BNF grammar id '(' argument_exp_list ')' is actually equivalent to postfix_exp '(' argument_exp_list ')' where postfix_exp can be a primary_exp as stated on its l-value. postfix_exp : primary_exp | postfix_exp '[' exp ']' | postfix_exp '(' argument_exp_list ')' | postfix_exp '(' ')' ...

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