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It is a setting that only applies to C or C++ projects. It selects the kind of C runtime library that will be used. There are two basic flavors, /MT vs /MD, multiplied by two for Debug and Release builds, /MTd and /MDd. With /MT, the runtime library will get linked into the EXE program itself. With /MD, the runtime library is in a DLL that can be shared ...


C# doesn't have that, as simple as that. That's a (native) C++ option and it selects the runtime C++ library to use. In the case of /MT, it will link the multi-threaded MSVCRT statically. C# uses .NET. It doesn't use the MSVC++ runtime library. Why would you want to do that anyway? Did the third-party guy say something about the purpose of doing that? Are ...


Not sure about VS 2012 but in 2010 it can be done as below: Right Click on your Project -> Select Properties -> Select Configuration Properties -> Select C/C++ -> Code Generation -> In Runtime library Select Multi Threaded /MT option -> Clean & Build your project

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