Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.

Composer is not a package manager. Yes, it deals with "packages" or libraries, but it manages them on a per-project basis, installing them in a directory inside your project. By default it will never install anything globally. Thus, it is a dependency manager.

Useful links

  • Current documentation: The main source of documentation for the project.

  • Packagist: It is the main Composer repository. It aggregates all sorts of PHP packages that are installable with Composer.

  • The source code is available on GitHub and distributed under MIT license.

  • Composer as a service: copy/paste your composer.json and get the vendor.zip file of your dependencies. Also, you can check the log of your build. Could be useful for debug.

  • Packanalyst: Packanalyst is a service that lets you browse packages from Packagist and shows who is using and implementing your interfaces / abstract classes / traits.

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