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The compression ratio is directly determined by the content of your file. For example, a file that contains only 0s N times can be compressed using log_2(N) bits (you just specify how many zeros it contains). Technically, the compression ratio is at best equal to the Shannon entropy of the source, since you may regard your file as containing symbols produced ...


for cropping image you can use this lib and for compressing the image you can use this code also. public Bitmap decodeFile(String filePath) { BitmapFactory.Options o = new BitmapFactory.Options(); o.inJustDecodeBounds = true; BitmapFactory.decodeFile(filePath, o); // The new size we want to scale to final int REQUIRED_SIZE = 1024; // Find the correct ...


I had exact need today so came up with this code. Send this function a bitmap and it will return a file path (local) of compressed image. Then create a File object with the returned file path and send it to server: public File compressImage(Bitmap bmp) { Bitmap scaledBitmap = null; int actualHeight = bmp.getHeight(); int ...


You have a typo in this object declaration: res.render('index', { container1:data[0]; container2:data[1]; container3:data[2]; container4:data[3]; }); Should be: res.render('index', { container1:data[0], container2:data[1], container3:data[2], container4:data[3] });


The public domain Crush algorithm by Ilia Muraviev has similar performance and compression ratio as QuickLZ has, Crush being a bit more powerful. The algorithms are conceptually similar too, Crush containing a bit more tricks. The BALZ algorithm that was already mentioned earlier is also by Ilia Muraviev. See http://compressme.net/

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