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I suggest to use Matching features (keypoints) approaches, they are scale-invariant features (SIFT) and Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF). A lot of examples are available on Opencv docs, you can check this one Another alternative is proposed in this paper: If you have a predefined reference images, it's efficient to use detection approaches using ...


There is an easier way to calibrate cameras in MATLAB. The Computer Vision System Toolbox also includes the undistortImage function, which is what you are looking for.


The DCT coefficients of an image are signed doubles with negative values. After quantising and rounding the elements I converted the matrix from a CV_64FC3 type to CV_8UC3 expecting the equivalent of a static_cast to be applied to the elements. However OpenCV when converting from 64F to 8UC zeroed out all negative values resulting in information loss that ...


Your problem actually isn't drawing the bounding box - it's locating the person inside the image, which you haven't quite done properly. If you don't do this correctly, then you won't be able place the correct bounding box around the person. This is what I have done to locate the person in the image, then drawing a bounding box around this person. This is ...

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