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In line with the comment: if ac_fn_cxx_try_compile "$LINENO"; then $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: result: yes" >&5 $as_echo "yes" >&6; succeeded=yes found_system=yes else ## look nothing here !! ## at least put a ':' ## or delete else altogether fi


You can do it like this: export CFLAGS='-DSQLITE_ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT=1' ./configure make clean make The export sets the environment variable CFLAGS which is passed along to the C compiler as defines. You can specify more than one define within the quotes if you wish (multiple compile options) they just need to be separated by spaces.


First of all, if you do not write a constructor, an empty constructor is autogenerated by the compiler. If you do not want the constructor to be called, make it privte like this private BasicMapState() { } If you do not want to make an object from this Class, you can work with static variables, otherwise you have to call the constructor from any public ...


There is obviously something wrong with your dpkg. Run this: sudo dpkg --configure -a this will make dpkg repairs itself Then run your installations again. If it doesn't work run: sudo apt-get install -f and again sudo dpkg --configure -a This should do the trick

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