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You're not storing the connections on the server side. You're just setting them up on the server to communicate directly back and forth to the server. If you want messages going to the server to be sent back out to everyone, you need to set up the on.('message', ...) function for each connection on the server to have that behavior. To do this, you'll need to ...


As it says in the Javadoc: The backlog argument is the requested maximum number of pending connections on the socket. Its exact semantics are implementation specific. In particular, an implementation may impose a maximum length or may choose to ignore the parameter altogther. The value provided should be greater than 0. If it is less than or equal to 0, ...


try using a disconnected event handler. disconnected: Emitted after getting disconnected from the db. conn.on('disconnected', callback);


If I had to guess the owners/operators of that website are blocking incoming http(s) from the ec2 address range - either with their firewall or security group(s). Not the first time I have seen that. Some folks use ec2 instances for nefarious purposes, so its not inconcievable that after being attacked/ddos from an ec2 instance address range, they just ...

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