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Your php open tag in config.php is <? - this is short open tag, which I think is disabled in your config. Your php in config.php is then not interpreted and is shown as is. Change it to regular open tag <?php. Also note that mysql extension is deprecated, you should switch to PDO and prepared statements.


Adds the mysql-connector-java.jar into your project: Then Add the jar in the java build path of the project:


I was facing same problem on Ubuntu machine so I removed it by using following steps. From console switch to postgres user $ sudo su - postgres it will ask for password and by default password is postgres After switch the user to postgres, open psql console $ psql so check the version of postgres if multiple versions are available psql=# select ...


Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 can be used only to read MDB files (or any extension you like provided that the file is in Access 2003 format). Also OLEDB.4.0 is a 32bit driver. If you compile your application with TargetCPU = AnyCPU AND you run your app on a 64bit system, the driver will be unusable. (Not Registered). Changing your TargetCPU to x86 fixes the ...

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