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To make whole area of a Border hit test visible you need to initialise its Background property with some Brush. Can be even Transparent which will have same visual effect as default null. <Border ... Background="Transparent" />


I believe that there are at least to ways to achieve this. First is to inherit from Expander, extend it with your Dependency properties and bind to them inside DataTemplate. Another way to do this is to create some attached properties, and bind to them inside DataTemplate as below: public class TemplateConfig { public static readonly ...


You are basically relying on the DataContext inheritance, which seems to be a not-so-good solution since you are using a frame and cannot be sure what is outside of that frame. It could easly happen, that someone or even you changes the DataContext somewhere outside the frame. I would set the DataContext of your Button directly to the window. //Button ...


You can achieve that reusability by a UserControl too. In either ways, to get the binding functionality, you can define a Model type and assign it to DataContext property of the ContentControl (or UserControl). First, bind the label inside the ContentTemplate: <Label x:Name="lblDayOfWeek" Style="{StaticResource BasicLabelLeft}" ...

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