Core Data is Apple's object modeling and persistence framework for Cocoa () for Mac OS X () and Cocoa Touch () for iOS ().

While offering some functionality that one might traditionally associate with a database, Core Data, itself, is not a relational database. It is an object-oriented framework for managing, storing and retrieving model objects of a MVC (model-view-controller) design. Core Data provides the developer a wide array of features to simplify the management of these model objects. Instead of using file management and the arbitrary requests for the given store type, you interact with Objective-C objects.

The typical file Core Data stores it data into is a SQLite file. Although Core Data supports SQLite as one of its persistent store types, Core Data cannot manage any arbitrary SQLite database. In order to use a SQLite database, Core Data must create and manage the database itself. There is also a binary store type and a memory store type.


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