A management library that provides developers an easy way to create and transition between scene modules in a Corona SDK app.


Storyboard is the only official and supported solution to scene creation and management in Corona SDK, and is available for use starting with Corona build 2011.678.

Unlike its alternative, Director Class (by R. Rauber); Storyboard API is not a third-party module and hence supported officially.

A lot of Storyboard API samples come bundled with the Corona SDK download in the directory: /SampleCode/Interface/Storyboard

There also is a Director Class to Storyboard transition guide here.

Scene Objects

The primary object that the Storyboard API handles is a “scene” object. It is really nothing more than a special table with specific properties and events.

All scene objects are created using the storyboard.newScene() function. You can create as many scenes as you want in a single module, but the most common practice is to call storyboard.newScene() once at the top of a new module, and then return it at the end of the module (with the scene event-handling code in between). If you go this route, scenes can be represented by separate modules ( files), making scene organization much easier and more intuitive.

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