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When a function call appears inside an expression, its return value is adjusted to one result. table.unpack({0,1,1}) == table.unpack({0,0,1}) is true because their first return value are both 0. To compare them, iterate the tables and compare elements instead. table.pack might be helpful. unpack is now table.unpack since Lua 5.2


The error message is perfectly clear -- the variable sprite used at this line: local bird1 = sprite.birdSheet( birdSet ) has a nil value, meaning it has not been initialized or was set to nil. You need to show the earlier code where you should have set it up. (After OP updates) I think this line require "sprite" should actually be sprite = require ...


The answer is simply no. Corona SDK is based on lua and you can only use lua for coding your app / game. However if you want to enable your Corona SDK to be able to import any native library you may switch to the paid version I.e Corona Enterprise. Visit for more info Corona Labs


Try this to create the vertices array: local R = 45 local N = 6 local vertices = {} local i = 0 for t = 0, 2*math.pi, 2*math.pi/N do i=i+1; vertices[i]= R*math.cos(t) i=i+1; vertices[i]= R*math.sin(t) end And this to draw the hexagon: local halfW = display.contentWidth * 0.5 local halfH = display.contentHeight * 0.5 local hexagon = ...

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