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You can get the information on github. here is a copy of the comment attached to cowboy_handler.erl: Improve handler interface and documentation This change simplifies a little more the sub protocols mechanism. Aliases have been removed. The renaming of loop handlers as long polling handlers has been reverted. Plain HTTP handlers now simply ...


I use rebar all the time. In rebar.config, I have {deps,[ {sync, ".*", {git, "git://github.com/rustyio/sync", {tag,"master"}}}, } I use a .erlang file, typically placed in src/.erlang with the following two lines code:add_path("../deps/sync/ebin"). sync:go(). Now, whenever I save a file, it is reloaded. I see no reason why this ...


You can combine relx and rusty/sync for code reload while still running Erlang release. It works like charm and there are tutorials on how to do such setup.


Take a look at p6hot_deploy.erl It's what my company uses for simplistic auto-redeploy. it scans the filesystem once a second looking for modules where the date has changed and reloads them. so your process will be: edit, save, make This module will see the file change and force a reload it's not the fancy OTP way with releases and stuff, but a more low ...


You can use cowboy middlewares http://ninenines.eu/docs/en/cowboy/HEAD/guide/middlewares/. Just create a simple log module: -module(app_web_log). -behaviour(cowboy_middleware). -export([execute/2]). execute(Req, Env) -> {{Peer, _}, Req2} = cowboy_req:peer(Req), {Method, Req3} = cowboy_req:method(Req2), {Path, Req4} = cowboy_req:path(Req3), ...


Each underlying webserver does it differently (or not at all) - this is something simple_bridge does not yet have abstracted. So in the case of cowboy, you'll likely have to rig it up yourself. If you're using a newer build of Nitrogen (if you have the file site/src/nitrogen_main_handler.erl), then you can edit that file to manually log yourself. For ...


Try using Nitrogen on top of the Yaws web server instead, since it performs access logging by default.

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