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The reason behind this is hibernate by default uses inner join. But in your case you need left join. For that you can use createAlias of createCriteria. def idList = ClassA.createCriteria().list() { projections { distinct("id") property("name") } createAlias("firstsList", "fl", ...


Am assuming (although your code doesn't mention it) that you have some criteria on ClassA that you want to search on, then you can use a createCriteria like this: def c = ClassD.createCriteria() def results = c.list () { projections { property('status') } classC { classB { classA { eq('classAProperty', someClassAValue) } } ...


Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Payables.class); // select * from Payables p; criteria.add(Restrictions.eq("companyId", companyId)); // where p.companyId = :companyId criteria.createAlias("makePayment", "makePayment"); // inner join Payement makePayment on makePayement.payables_id = p.id if (creditorId != null) { ...


createAlias adds join something like ... FROM Payables p1 JOIN Payment as p2 ON p2.paybles_id=p1.id ... Then you can use the joined table to add conditions in WHERE section

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