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After a lot of trying and researching, I found this will work with Grails 2.4.0, I don't know about older versions. Cat.withCriteria { createAlias('nicknames', 'n') ilike 'n.elements', '%kitty%' } The trick is to use 'n.elements'


You can use HQL for this List<Post> posts = Post.executeQuery("select distinct p from Post p where :myUser not member of p.users", [myUser: user, max: maxVar])


I was not able to get a conventional solution to it, but I solved this problem using two separate queries. First I got all the Posts whose users contain thisUser using users { eq('id', thisUser.id) } Then I got max number of Post whose id does not match any of the id from above. Post.findAllByIdNotInList(usersList.id, [max:15]) where ...


c.list (max: maxVar) { not { 'in'("users", thisUser) }} Will return a list without thisUser. This works for grails version 2.*. You may need to override .equals for your User class. There are also many other ways to this such as using .find. Please see this link http://groovy.codehaus.org/JN1015-Collections

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