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You are on the right path - sizeEq should do what you whant. You just used it the wrong way. As described in the docs, you could check the size of a collection. Try this: def results = personCriteria.list(params) { and { sizeEq("skills", 1) skills { eq("skillName", "swim") } } } This should get you all person ...


def listingTracking = ListingTracking.findAllByBookInList( Book.getAll([7,2,3,6]) ) Instead of Book.getAll you can use any finder you prefer on Books


By default, Grails criteria queries use inner joins. To achieve the conditional behavior you're after, change to left joins: Domain1.createCriteria().get { createAlias('domain2', 'd2', CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN) createAlias('domain3', 'd3', CriteriaSpecification.LEFT_JOIN) idEq(sid) 'in' ("locationId", locIds) or { ...

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