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assuming that every Request has at least one StatusUpdate and slightly changing belongsTo declaration, you could go the other direction: class StatusUpdate { Date dateCreated String statusFrom String statusTo String notes static belongsTo = [req: Request] // I assume that naming the field "request" would cause whole bunch of weird ...


You can use Comparator or Comparable interface. Here you have a nice example link


I stumbled upon this question when trying to solve a similar issue related to sorting in grails. Maybe in the meanwhile a solution has already been found. If not, I wanted to suggest you tried the following: Foo.createCriteria().list() { createAlias("bar","_b") order("_b.name", (params.sortOrder == "asc")?"asc":"desc") } In this way you should be ...


In this formula property can help you because formula can participate in queries and it is transient by default. Steps- Create a formula property and concatenate your strings there. use this formula property in your criteria query. Use this post for writing formula property. Hope this help

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