Questions on using and developing crosstool-NG, a project to build compilers and tools from the gcc source and other related packages.

crosstool-NG is a collection of scripts for building tool chains (mainly gcc and support tools) and only tool chains. With crosstool-NG, you can precisely control how each component is configured and built, so you can produce a tool chain custom tailor for your system. crosstool-NG can build generic general purpose tool chains, to dedicated system specific tool chains. Configuration is guided ia a kbuild menu configuration interface. Both native and cross compilers are supported.

Support is continually evolving and includes langagues like Ada, C++, Java, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Go, etc. Various libraries are also supported, including newlib, uClibc, eglibc and glibc.

crosstool-NG is very simple in structure, consisting of shell scripts, gnu makefiles, source patches, and a kbuild system which directs the shell script. Additional documentation is available in crosstool-NG source directory in the docs sub-directory.

crosstool-NG is used by many open source projects, such as Ubuntu, Linaro, and buildroot.

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