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It's all there in the debug info. See this simple example (ptr.c). int *global_pointer; float global_scalar; int main(int arg_scalar, char **arg_pointer) { void *local_pointer; char local_scalar; } let's compile it and examine the result woth objdump gcc -g ptr.c && objdump --dwarf=info a.out It's not too hard to figure out. There are a ...


SourceMeter is a command line tool for static analysis of C/C++ source code (+ Java, Python, RPG). It handles Visual Studio solution and project files, and provides 60+ code metrics, warns at metric threshold violations, checks for code duplications, checks for coding rules (Cppcheck + own rules). For your needs, it creates CSV files containing all ...


If vi complains that the tag isn't there, then it's because it probably isn't. You could confirm that by opening the tags file with a text editor and search for it. But the reason why it isn't there is because you are overwriting the contents of the tags file for each file find encounters, so it should only contain the tags of the last file. To overcome ...


In Sublime Text 3, There are two way to do it. Right click on method or text and you will see "Goto Defination" Or Shortcut key is F12

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