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It should be an associate array: $requestObject = array('utf8' => 'yes'); From the source code of CurlCall it is doing the http_build_query on that object. The line 281 from that php source is as below: \$this->requestData = http_build_query(\$this->requestObject);


To create a new file for each URL, use url in your output filename for wget -O option: #!/bin/bash for url; do out="output-$url.html" wget -q "$url" -O "$out" grep -o '<a .*href=.*>' "$out" | sed -e 's/<a /\n<a /g' | sed -e 's/<a .*href=['"'"'"]//' -e 's/["'"'"'].*$//' -e '/^$/ d' | grep 'http' done PS: As per ...

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