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I ended up using nginx configuration to block all non-GET requests. This allows anyone to read the database, but prevents writing to the database. However: I can't safely expose futon now As an admin, I can't edit the database but to solve these I could potentially write a new interface for CouchDB that only exposed read functionality I can do my ...


To simply solve your problems, assign your admin a role (eg: "ADMIN"). Then, foreach databases, restrict the "Admin" permissions to the role "ADMIN". By default, a newly registered user won't have any role so he won't be able to access a database as an admin.


I solved this by removing the line in the proc which checks for the view. I don't have the any asp membership views and haven't needed them anywhere, so it seems pretty pointless to create the view just so that line of code can return true - the proc doesn't actually use the view. Perhaps if you use more features of the membership objects you might need ...

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