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You have to set the properties in you Model accordingly: class User extends DataMapper { var $has_one = array("country"); function __construct($id = NULL) { parent::__construct($id); } } class Country extends DataMapper { var $has_many = array("user"); function __construct($id = NULL) { ...


Yes, the instance of an entity class can read itself. But I guess your question should have been: "Can a Doctrine entity load and read itself?". The answer to that is no... Loading of entities is managed by doctrine internals. If you would want the entity classes to load themselves it would mean injecting an EntityManager into the entity class. This is a ...


That's really opinion based question, but i was on HighLoad++ conference where was Marco Cecconi one of Stack Exchange developers with his presentation Stack Overflow - It's all about performance!. As you know stackoverflow was written with ASP.NET MVC and Marco said that SO project has plain ADO requests right in controller. And they write it like this ...


Yeah dataobjects gem appears to be broken with mysql 5.7


As you have used the DDD tag, it would be helpful for you to consider one of DDD's fundamental concepts; the bounded context. It sounds like your application has a number of them; fixtures (what games are taking place, where and when), betting (odds, bets) and so forth. Your question suggests that you are trying to come up with a single, unified model to ...


Works fine for me: require 'data_mapper' # If you want the logs displayed you have to do this before the call to setup DataMapper::Logger.new($stdout, :debug) # A Sqlite3 connection to a persistent database DataMapper.setup(:default, 'sqlite:///Users/7stud/my.db') class LeadEmail include DataMapper::Resource property :id, Serial # An ...


The JBoss Fuse Eclipse Tooling for Camel has a visual data mapper where you can configure the mapping without coding. http://tools.jboss.org/features/apachecamel.html http://www.davsclaus.com/2015/04/apache-camel-eclipse-tooling-for-visual.html


I think that dm-sqlite-adapter is referenced either from your Gemfile, either from some other place in the code, probably the place where you configure the data-mapper. Or maybe it's references in the data-mapper YAML config, if you have one.

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