DB2-400, currently known as DB2 for i, is the database embedded into IBM's midrange line of computers running the IBM i operating system. Though related to DB2 UDB for LUW, it runs on a totally different platform, and is on a different release schedule than DB2 UDB for LUW, and thus has some differences in functionality. You can find documentation for DB2 for i in the Database section of the IBM i infocenter.

One of the major differences between DB2 for i and DB2 for LUW is that DB2 for i has a native data access engine called RLA (Record level Access) that allows HLL programmers to access the database without using SQL. This capability was added to preserve compatibility with the RPG and COBOL languages. An SQL precompiler is available for both RPG and COBOL that allows programmers to embed SQL statements directly into their programs.

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