Delphi is a general-purpose language for rapid development of native Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android applications.

The name refers to the Delphi language (a modern evolution of Object Pascal) as well as its IDE, which is used to help edit and debug Delphi projects more efficiently. It is developed by Embarcadero, and is sold either as a standalone product or as part of RAD Studio, which includes other languages as well.

Delphi is an enhancement of Niklaus Wirth's language Pascal (and Object Pascal).

Delphi originated in 1995 at Borland, evolving from Turbo Pascal. It is currently owned by Embarcadero, and is the second-largest Windows development platform after Microsoft's .NET.

Among Delphi's strengths are:

  • consistent language architecture
  • a fast compiler
  • modern language constructs
  • its extensive Visual Component Library (VCL)
  • the associated visual form designer


Some other Embarcadero products are or were released using the "Delphi" brand. A .NET product called Delphi Prism (based on PascalScript codebase) for use in MS Visual Studio allows for development using Mono, producing apps that are "cross platform" in that they will run on multiple platforms that support Mono. Delphi Prism is mostly compatible with Delphi syntax, albeit with very different libraries. The Embarcadero PHP product, formerly labelled "Delphi for PHP", and Prism are integrated in the main Embarcadero studio project RAD Studio. There is an AS/400 version of Delphi as well.

Delphi console "Hello world":

program Hello;
  Writeln('Hello, World');

A minimalist GUI Delphi application

program GUIHello;
  MessageBox(0, 'Message', 'Hello, World', MB_OK);


Many SO profiles of Delphi developers point to good resources concerning Delphi. There is also an aggregation of main blogs in the field at DelphiFeeds. Marco Cantu's books on Delphi programming provide another great resource.


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