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Use Rank() instead of Dense_Rank() will solve your problem. SELECT RANK() OVER (ORDER BY Score DESC) AS [Rank], Username, Score FROM Users Working execution with the given sample data: DECLARE @Users TABLE (Username VARCHAR (2), Score INT) INSERT INTO @Users (Username, Score) VALUES ('A', 3500), ('B', 3500), ('C', 3000), ('D', 3000), ...


Dense_Rank will assign a rank number. In case of equality, it will assign the same number for all the equal rows and then move to the next number (that's where "dense" comes from). In your example 003 is the first one from its partition, so it will have the rank of 1. The next 003 will not be the first from its partition, but being equal to the previous one, ...


I think you want row_number(): select c.id_number, row_number() over (Partition by c.id_number ORDER BY c.id_number) as "rank" from children c;

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