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If you need just the dependency (ordering), you can use add_dependencies(B A). However, your question suggests you actually want to link B against A. In that case, do target_link_librairies(B A).


Collin's parser is a constituency one, and therefore does not directly provide dependency trees. You have two options: convert constituency to dependency parse: https://code.google.com/p/clearnlp/wiki/C2DConvert use one of the many available dependency parsers


You have set the scope of the dependencies to provided in you parent's dependency management section. According to the introduction to the dependency mechanism, the dependency scope is used to limit the transitivity of a dependency. The above linked introduction also includes a table that declares which scopes play in the transitivity game and which do not. ...


There isn't a solution to this problem as far as I'm aware. This is why the reason the 'Recursive Make Considered Harmful' paper was written in the first place. If you need inter-directory dependency relationships on an object level then you can't use per-directory Makefile:s this way. With per-directory makefile:s you only have manually synchronized ...

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