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I will start by saying that while I was looking into your question I ran into some problems with the code you have provided. I appreciate that somewhere you have some real code which has a problem and you cannot share this code with us so have tried to reproduce the problem in a smaller set of files. However, if you do do this, please at least verify that ...


If I understand you correctly, you have a custom DP that you want to bind to a ViewModel property, however you also want to set the Default Value for this property from the View. That is not an ideal setup for MVVM or for when you're using bindings. MVVM is supposed to have all the logic, including things like "default value for X" in the ViewModel layer, ...


As stated in comments, the new keyword will hide the inherited member and you might lose some functionnality (haven't done the test yet) Here's a link explaining a few tips with Metadatas. For your ItemsSource, I would suggest to attach a PropertyChangedCallback or a CoerceValueCallback to your initial property.

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